Along with other 3D devices, Invistra also developed a special 3D camera for use in the medical environment. This 3D-Cam is very light (300 grams) and small (15 cm x 15 cm x 8 cm). It can be mounted above an operating table and be remotely controlled. The camera is able to capture an image section of 18 cm x 10 cm stereoscopically in 2x full HD at a distance of about 1 meter. Comparable recordings could previously only be achieved with a 3D mirror ring system, which is very costly, time-consuming and cumbersome, and therefore is difficult or impossible to use in an operating room with its limited space.

Important in this 3D-Cam is the base (distance between the eye / lens from each other). In humans, the eye relief is usually 65mm. The 3D-Cam with a shorter 55 mm base length can be used to create very high quality 3D images of closer objects, while the 65 mm option offers better 3D image quality for more distant objects. The Invistra 3D-Cam is available with a base measurement of 55 mm, 60 mm and 65 mm.

Operating Room Solution