The Invistra V-Box is the ideal connection device between the production and the transmission of video data in high quality on the Internet from either of our two video platforms: (only in German) and The Invistra V-Box processes 2D, dual stream (2 video sources) and 3D video streams. Here, the handling is easy. As a plug and play solution, you need only to connect your video source(s) and start the stream with the simple push of a button. We handle configuration of the Invistra V-box with your personal streaming channel on Vitranet or Trivido before delivery and we can adjust these settings via the web on demand and as needed.

The Invistra V-Box has 2 HD-SDI inputs, which can be used separately or together. Audio signals can be transmitted embedded within the HD-SDI signal or input via a 6.35 mm stereo jack in the Invistra V-Box.

The starting signal for streaming (Internet connection) is an RJ45 LAN jack. The streaming quality can be up to full HD 1080p and a data rate up to 10 Mbit/s can be set.